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Dave Reichert: honest but clueless

At a meeting with constituents three-term WA Republican Congressman Dave Reichert was asked if he favored reinstating the Glass-Steagall Act, the much debated bank regulation that had been repealed in 1999. The unflappable, stunningly uninformed Mr. Reichert replied that he was “not familiar” with the legislation. Now we understand why Mr. Reichert has refused to debate the Democratic candidate, Suzan DelBene.

The Seattle Times finally got it right in endorsing Ms. DelBene:

A deep and continuing financial crisis calls out for someone with sharp business and entrepreneurial skills and an acute understanding of what went wrong in the first place. DelBene is an unambiguous supporter of the tough financial reforms recently enacted by Congress. Reichert would work to repeal parts of the reform legislation. A repeal would signal a return to diminished federal oversight and watered-down consumer protections.

Saying that Mr. Reichert would “work to repeal parts of the reform legislation” gives him far too much credit.  Rep. Reichert doesn’t need to do any thinking before House votes, he just does what Minority Leader Boehner tells him to do.


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