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Bailout success story

The Republicans opposed federal assistance to the automobile industry, like they opposed everything else for the past two years.  Tell the folks in Kokomo, Indiana that the auto industry aid has been a failure. Federal aid has trimmed the city’s unemployment rate from 20% to under 14% and stimulus funds have helped eleven new stores open in a revitalized downtown.

  • Chrysler has hired back the 3,500 workers it laid off a year and a half ago and is adding 700 new positions.
  • Delphi is adding 100 new jobs at its auto parts manufacturing plant.
  • A Colorado solar company is hiring 900 workers at a former Daimler plant outside of town.

I’ll do the math for the often numerically-challenged right wingers: 3,500+700+100+900 = 5,200 working, middle-class taxpayers who were formerly unemployed. Not bad for programs the Republicans claim added zero jobs.

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