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Republican stimulus dollars hypocrisy

I’m so not surprised.  Several Republican congressmen who pilloried the 2009 stimulus package somehow swollowed their principles and requested and received funds for their own districts.  Texas Representative Pete Sessions swore the stimulus bill wouldn’t create any new jobs — expect for the $81 million he requested for his affluent Carrollton, Texas district. In his supporting letter, Mr. Sessions wrote that the proposed rail project would “create jobs, stimulate the economy, improve regional mobility and reduce pollution.”

Even the acerbic, obnoxios, House Tea Party Caucus founder Michele Bachmann couldn’t pass up those tainted federal dollars.  Despite her campaign statements that the stimulus did not create any jobs, she sought $300 million for a Minnesota bridge project she said would create 3,000 jobs.  It’s sad that Ms. Bachmann, who opposes public education, can’t tell the difference between 0 and 3,000.


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