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Observations on the pathetic state of American politics

Post-election Obama; The eternal optimist

I was massively disappointed in President Obama’s post-election press conference. I saw a politician who seems to have somehow missed the Republican strategy of the past two years. There were innumerable references to “working together” and “finding common ground.”  Did this man pay any attention to what took place on Capitol Hill since Inauguration Day?  The ever bombastic Mitch McConnell clarified the Republican version of “working together”:

The other side can change now or further change could obviously happen in 2012.”

The Donkey Party has made it clear they don’t care if anything gets done in the next session of Congress as long as they win the White House in 2012.  So, Mr. President, please wake up and listen to the opposition. The Republicans have no intention of compromising on anything. They are out to get you at all costs. Unemployment and deficits don’t matter, only getting a third Bush into the Oval Office.

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