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Federal pay cuts? Yeah, let’s do it.

Republicans say a good start to reducing the budget deficit is to cut the pay of federal employees and roll back all federal spending to 2008 levels.  I might be able to go with that but how serious are the Donkeys when they say these things?  Would this cut apply to the 100,000 U.S. troops risking their lives in Afghanistan.  What about the guys making the really big bucks over there: the 100,000 plus private contractors?  Will they take a cut too?  Fat chance.

If there is a move to reduce federal payrolls, it will certainly include the members of the House and Senate, right? They will happily take that 10% reduction, I’m sure.  Why stop with simple tweaks to payroll?  Let’s do something really impactful now and over the long term.  Seriously.  Let’s reduce the size of congress.  Why do we need 435 congressperson, anyway?   What if we had, let’s say, 350 or 300? We would have a far more efficient, cost-effective Congress.  Less salaries and generous benefits for life, way fewer staffers, less time wasted debating, quicker votes.   Come on, people.  Think outside the box and reduce the size of the federal government where it will make the biggest difference.


One response to “Federal pay cuts? Yeah, let’s do it.

  1. wayne July 11, 2011 at 1:58 pm

    Many federal employees, you might know, have expensive advanced degrees. My wife and I teach in Ohio and started out at poverty wages with several advanced degrees at a cost of 150K. So I am very concerned as to whether all of my friends in DC that are with private firms, payed by taxpayers, are taking the cuts ins salary and benefits that we are currently experiencing? I know that the
    “development” NGOs, who get most of there money from the feds and who are “helping” people around the world, pay there CEOs over 500K. Are they taking cuts? My friends at Booze Allen started out at what my wife and I make after 20 years of teaching and they are now making easy six figure salaries with full benefits. Are they taking cuts?

    So, if federal employees and all public employees are going to get hit, then why not the hundreds of thousands of private employees being paid by the american taxpayer?

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