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Americans DID vote for gridlock

In comments following today’s bipartisan group hug President Obama repeated his past optimism with stock phrases like “there must be some sensible common ground” and “the American people did not vote for gridlock.”  Did the President sleep through the November elections?  The Republicans stonewalled everything in Washington for the past two years, pledged to repeal the little legislation that did pass, and have sworn to block any Democratic proposals on anything from now until the 2012 elections.  And guess what? Republican and Independent voters cheered and sent more naysayers to DC.  It’s clear that the American People like what Congress has done over the past twenty-four months and want a return to the Bush years of massive spending, relentless warfare, high unemployment, and tax breaks for the super wealthy.  And that’s what we are all going to get.

As usual, the President showed no resolve or leadership.  He suggested he was largely at fault for the lack of cooperation. “The president was pretty clear in acknowledging that he needed to do better, and he would,” said Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. Republican leaders offered no similar contrition. So fasten your seat belts America, we’re headed back to 2009-2010 and maybe even further into the Good Old Bush Days.  Whoopee!

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