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Observations on the pathetic state of American politics

Republican Victory

Who wuld of thunk it?  By the end of the day on November 4, 2008, the Democrats were celebrating huge wins giving them big margins in both the Senate and the House to go along with President Obama‘s resounding victory.  And yet with fumbling leadership in the White House and effective obstructionism in the Senate the Republicans of the 111th Congress  managed to defeat every one of Mr. Obama’s campaign promises and, in fact, make substantial gains in their own agenda.  It’s as if November 2008 never happened.  If nothing else, I have to give credit to the Party of No: they are just better politicians than the current crop of Democrats and out maneuvered President Obama at every step. Their list of accomplishments is impressive:

  • Turned health care reform into a boondoggle for the insurance companies and killed the public option
  • Blocked 61% of Obama’s judicial appointments and dozens of appointments to key federal agencies, effectively crippling the functioning of the federal government
  • Extended the Bush tax cuts for the super-wealthy and big corporations
  • Blocked any progress on financial regulation
  • Ensured the deficit will continue to grow up to the 2012 elections and via other provisions in the the tax cut extension bill they laid the ground work to begin dismantling Medicare and Social Security under the guise of balancing the budget
  • Killed cap and trade
  • Killed corporate campaign disclosure legislation and with the help of Chief Justice Roberts got unlimited contributions from big business and special interests
  • Killed immigration reform
  • Extended the War in Afghanistan indefinitely

With a majority in the House and continued obstructionism in the Senate the Republicans should be able to easily put the country on hold until the 2012 election season and claim the President Obama and the Democrats couldn’t get anything done for the country.  And they will be right!


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