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Stop the Uncertainty Whining Already

Uncertainty is the key word with both Wall Street and Capitol Hill pundits these days.

If you read the Wall Street Journal, “uncertainty” is the whole cause of the Great Recession and America is doomed until Washington ceases all regulation and eliminates all taxes… permanently, of course.

Let’s get real!  Have any of these people ever sat in a corporate board room or planning meeting?  The business world is replete with all kinds of uncertainty. If the business and economic horizon was so clear and stable corporations wouldn’t need these genius CEOs nor pay them fabulous bonuses.  Taxes, interest rates, consumer demand, commodities prices, the weather…  none of these or the myriad other factors that impact a business’s bottom line are certain.  We all deal with all kinds of uncertainty every day.  Why all of the sudden does corporate America expect the universe should change to make their jobs easier?

I wish my 401k would yield a constant 10% return, that I would never lose my job, have a flat tire, or a heart attack.  But none of those are certain.

Come on guys. Suck it up! Quit whining, get out of your cushy corner offices and manage your companies.

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