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Cost-Cutting Begins at Home: Cut Congress by 50%

When the 112th Congress convenes the hottest item on the agenda will be the federal budget and everybody will have a list of things to cut.  Number 1 on the GOP list will be Social Security and Medicare, programs that deeply effect millions of middle and low-income Americans.  Not on the list at all is any reduction in costs for running Capitol Hill, the huge expenses run up by members of the House and Senate and their staffs: about $5 billion per year! Keep in mind, that includes the cushiest health-care plan in the universe, largely subsidized by our tax dollars and a life-time post-service pension.

So let’s think way outside the box.  Cut the size of Congress by 50%.  We can get by with 268 or so folks in DC and thousands fewer staffers and save $2-$3 billion each year.  Fewer bodies in the House and Senate also means less debate and a more efficient legislative process.  Think of the reduced opportunities for sub rosa pork barrel spending

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