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Ms. Palin: Over the Top and Off the Mark–Again

Sarah Palin‘s hyperbolized denunciation [“Palin Call Criticism ‘Blood Libel‘”; NewYorkTimes.com] of accusations that right-wing rhetoric somehow contributed to the tragic shooting in Tuscon is another example of her inability to find any middle ground.  It echoes George Bush’s “You’re either for us or agin us.”  Commentator Robert Wright [“First Comes Fear“; NY Times.com] gets it right when he notes the danger in the incessant message that those who don’t agree with us are a fearful “enemy” and part of some “conspiracy.”

Ms. Palin can’t have it both ways.  She insists each individual is responsible for her own actions– except her.  If she doesn’t want devotees to do something what’s the purpose of her incendiary rants?  She and others like Mr. Beck characterize the “other side” not simply as neighbors with different political opinions but as dangerous aliens to be feared and eliminated.

Bipartainship and cooperation won’t happen as long our political leaders insist that contrary views are dangerous and must be quashed.  If the Right really wants compromise from the Left they need to stop using hate speech and veiled threats to inspire their followers.

One response to “Ms. Palin: Over the Top and Off the Mark–Again

  1. Lavender January 12, 2011 at 10:19 am

    It’s like she’s incapable of rational thought. On a day when we should be focusing on the victims, she’s got to start more bull. I don’t WANT to blame you, Sarah, but you’re making it harder and harder for me to simply ignore you…

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