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Observations on the pathetic state of American politics

Republican Hypocrisy and the Deficit

The dirty little secret of American politics in recent decades is that the Republicans are atrocious when it comes to U.S. federal spending – and far worse than the Democrats have been. But the GOP’s guilt runs deeper still, for unlike the Democrats, who don’t even bother hiding their fascist-socialist aims, the GOP poses publicly as the party of “limited government.” Facts refute them. The Republicans are contemptible hypocrites.

So writes Richard M. Salsman in his Forbes blog posting: “New Congress, Same Old Leviathan.”  See, it turns out that in the fifteen years following Bill Clinton’s famous 1996 “The era of big government is over” speech, GOP majority Congresses spent some $35.2 trillion… more than double what was spent in the prior 15-year period when Congress was controlled by the Democrats. In the first Bush term alone, federal spending increased by 19.2%.  The only periods of remotely similar jumps in federal spending occurred in the Bush I and Nixon administrations.   Hmmm!

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