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Why Private Health Insurance Doesn’t Work

Paul Krugman states it simply:

  • insurance companies devote large resources to determining who really needs health care, so as not to provide it [“Health Care Basics,” NYTimes.com].

He also points out that the combination of Medicare, Medicaid and VA benefits already account for nearly 70% of American’s medical bills, including of course well-to-do Republican Congressmen who have vowed to do away with health coverage for the rest of America.

I was pleased to see a letter in the Knoxville News echoing an opinion I’ve shared several times with my do-nothing Representative, Dave Reichert:

  • Before any member of Congress votes to repeal the 2009 legislation, they should give up their government health care and buy insurance as individuals for themselves and their families and find out what the reality is out here for us [“Congress Should Speed Up HealthCare Reform,” KnoxNews.com]

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