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Justice Scalia: Brilliant and Petty

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court granted a writ of certiorari in the case of NASA v. Nelson, deciding that NASA’s standard background check, as applied to contract employees, does not violate a constitutional right to informational privacy.  I claim no expertise in Constitutional law; I’d be happy to leave that up to the collective wisdom of the Supreme Court.  Happy if it weren’t for the presence of Justice Scalia.  In a lengthy support of the Writ, Scalia repeatedly derides legal arguments and earlier court opinions with terms like “farcical,” “absurdity,” “incoherence” and “doctrinal obscurity.”  In his typical hyper-egotistical manner, he shows absolute disrespect for colleagues, both judges and attorneys.  It’s worrisome that someone with so little regard for the judicial system should hold such an influential position. It’s time for Mr. Scalia to step down.

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