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U.S. House: Please Stop Wasting Our Time and Money

The 112th Congress has been in session now for over a month and our incompetent leaders have managed to accomplish…. nothing, nada, zip.  They are currently focused on LAST YEAR’S budget.  These are the folks touting American ingenuity and business acumen and they can’t even address last year’s budget problems. 

With record unemployment and staggering federal deficit most of the debate  –led by the Republi-can’t Party– is focused on federal funding for abortion, National Public Radio and other religious/cultural issues, none of which has any impact on the deficit or employment.  I guess the GOP is just fed up with those liberal-biased episodes of Sesame Street and Nature.  

The GOP should be less preoccupied with silencing cookie monster and more focused on reviving the economy.
    –Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY)

Congress is just incapable of doing what’s best for America and instead perists in a crusade to convert their fellow citizens to their their moral world view. Maybe the only way to make any progress on the budget and jobs is to elect only atheists to Congress.

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