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Reichert’s AARP Nonsense

Congressman Dave Reichert has been given the lead in the GOP revenge attack on the AARP.  The Republicans simply can’t tolerate an organization that might help senior citizens or –more pointedly– support Democratic candidates and health care reform.

I sent this letter to Congressman Dave Reichert today. 

I read today’s Seattle Times article about your campaign against AARP.  I have three words for you: JOBS, JOBS, JOBS.  How does this partisan attack against an organization trying to help retirees do anything for the economy? It’s another distraction and a waste of your time.

Your criticism of AARP is ridiculous.  AARP benefits from health care reform the same way insurance and pharmaceutical companies do.  Are you going to investigate them as well?  Health care reform passed: get over it.  Do something to help the thousands of unemployed people in your district.

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