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The Duplicitous Senator Graham

Senator Lindsey Graham is a smooth talker. No doubt about it.  You hear to him on those Sunday talk shows and he sounds like such a nice, reasonable man.  But there’s often bizarre thinking behind those mellifluous syllables.

Over the past few days, Mr. Graham has joined the GOP chorus calling for cuts to programs for the elderly, mothers, infants, cancer research, and the unemployed.  At the same time he’s been negotiating behind the scenes to get a half million dollars to study the deepening of the Charleston harbor in his home state. And he’s berating the Pentagon for cutting back the U.S. roll in Libya.  So by some perverted logic it’s OK for us to continue firing $500,000 a piece cruise missiles in Africa but we mustn’t do anything for our own citizens back here in the good ole USA…. except in South Carolina.

Curiously, the astute Senator Graham wasn’t so clealy anti-Qaddafi when in 2009 he supported a warming of relaions with Libya and met with and shook hands with the man he now calls a “tyrannical dictator” and “international crook”.  Now he’s suggesting, not very subtly, that we assassinate the Libyan leader.


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