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An Old School Republican Speaks Out

There was a time when the Republican Party stood for fiscal restraint and political (not social) conservatism. Those rational views unfortunately predate the formative years of most of the current GOP leaders, like Rep. Paul Ryan.  It’s wonderful to hear from one of the old-school Republicans in today’s New York Times op-ed pages. David Stockman, President Reagan’s Director of the Office of Management and Budget makes a clear argument that America can’t get out of its fiscal woes by solely taxing the rich (the Obama plan) or squeezing more out of the poor and elderly (the Ryan debacle).

I have no optimism however that there will be a rational compromise in the current Congress. The Republicans have a pathological obsession with giving still more breaks to corporations and the wealthy while reducing benefits for the ill, the elderly and the unemployed.  And President Obama’s tiny tax increase on the top 2% just isn’t enough to turn around decades of reckless spending, a large part of it on military intervention and boondoggles for the corporate elite.

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