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Spring in DC: The Absentee Congress

It looks like a typical spring week in the nation’s capital, temperatures in the mid 70’s, occasional rain showers.  Too bad our nation’s “leaders” aren’t there to enjoy it.  They are on spring break, like a bunch of school kids.  No budget? Ah, that can wait, and wait, and wait.  Those millions of unemployed folks? They can wait too. Wars costing us millions of dollars a day? Let John McCain figure it all out.

With a country confronting numerous critical issues the folks who are supposed to be solving those problems are off lounging in their local districts or, more likely, on some lobbyist-funded junket to a foreign country.  We’ll hear the excuses.  “We have to get back and hear from our constituents.”  “It’s critical to have face-to-face contact with overseas business contacts.” 

Maybe so; but not now. If there’s a people’s list of the country’s priorities none of these trips is on it.  Every day some congressional talking head reminds us that America is in crisis mode.  Our elected officials ought to actually behave accordingly and be in relentless discussions to figure out a way out of the many messes they got us into.  When the banks were in trouble it only took a weekend for Mr. Paulson, President Bush and their Wall Street cronies to come up with $800 billion and plans to make sure  no CEO’s lost their yachts or second homes.  But it seems unemployment, deficits, people losing their homes, a broken health care system aren’t really that important after all. 


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