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Heartless GOP: No $$ for Joplin

What a bunch of heartless, spineless SOBs the Congressional Republicans are.  Here’s a bunch of folks with cushy offices,  fabulous healthcare benefits, full retirement package and they don’t want to grant any disaster relief funds to the working-class folks of Joplin, Missouri devastated by the May 22nd tornadoes.  Eric Cantor is insisting that any aid dollars have to come out of new cuts to the federal budget.

How about cutting the tax cuts for the rich or those subsidies for big oil?

But we know those sacred cows won’t be on the cutting board.  The nation’s fiscal health is not so important that big corporations and fat cat executives should have to pay their fair share.  No, the GOP will find still another program that helps the elderly or the unemployed or sick and hungry kids.  That’s where the cuts will come from.

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