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The GOP Unemployment Strategy

Well, the Republicans are getting the smaller government they been wanting with the accompanying growth in the ranks of the unemployed.  Local governments have lost almost 500,000 jobs since September 2008.  The federal government cut 14,000 jobs in June alone.

Amazingly, Rep. John Boehner issued statements this morning asking “where are the jobs?”  But in spite of their big wins in the 2010 elections, the GOP has failed to put forth a single jobs program.

So the Republicans are perfectly executing their strategy.  Make government smaller, continue huge give-aways to corporate contributors, blame Obama for continued unemployment, win back the White House in 2012.  But who will they blame for unemployment then?

The GOP conveniently ignores that during the Bush years the private sector shed 673,000 jobs while the federal government grew by 50,000.  The abysmal Republican record on job creation is well documented.  As early as 2004 the first Bush term was recognized as the worst period of job creation in sixty years.  Why does anyone think these guys have any idea about how to generate job growth.  The GOP doesn’t care about working class people and thus has no idea about how to grow jobs.


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