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Another GOP Veteran Can’t Figure Out Today’s Republicans

Long-time mainstream Republican, David Frum, writes that he can’t understand the direction of today’s GOP.  Hardly part of the odious “liberal media,” Mr. Frum was a speech writer for Bush I and has written often for the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal and Forbes magazine. In a piece entitled ” When did the GOP Lose Touch with Reality?” he writes:

This past summer, the GOP nearly forced America to the verge of default just to score a point in a budget debate. In the throes of the worst economic crisis since the Depression, Republican politicians demand massive budget cuts and shrug off the concerns of the unemployed. In the face of evidence of dwindling upward mobility and long-stagnating middle-class wages, my party’s economic ideas sometimes seem to have shrunk to just one: more tax cuts for the very highest earners. When I entered Republican politics, during an earlier period of malaise, in the late seventies and early eighties, the movement got most of the big questions—crime, inflation, the Cold War—right. This time, the party is getting the big questions disastrously wrong.

This sounds a little like David Stockman’s comments back in April.


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