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Post Iowa Musings

I love Iowa, I really do.  I was an Iowa resident for several years and you couldn’t meet nicer people.  But the Iowa Caucus thing is just, well, kind of goofy.  An incredibly small number of politically committed folks from one small part of the nation get to decide who can’t be president.  What kind of system is that?  That said, the citizens of Iowa made some good decisions.

At least we’ll hear less of Michele Bachmann‘s shrill voice proclaiming she’s the Chosen One.  And maybe someone will inform Governor Perry that God has again spoken, this time through the citizens of Iowa, telling him to give it up.

But those left standing in the GOP race are no less frightening.  Romney is so desperate to be president it’s pathetic. I almost feel sorry enough for him to vote for him in November.  Except that he’s such a liar.  Ron Paul is so far off the deep end of  libertarianism that I think he may believe the best political system is anarchy.  Then there’s the emerging star, Rick Santorum, who wants to get science out of politics, out of schools and out of our minds and run the government according to the Bible in order to keep those gay and “Islamic speaking” nuts from taking over the country.

Eeeh gad, we’re doomed.


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