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Why Can’t Romney Just Say It? “I’m Really Rich (and You’re Not)”

All this hand-wringing about Mitt Romney‘s tax returns and dealings at Bain is mostly not relevant to his qualifications to be president.  But his inability to just tell the truth about his immense personal wealth is unsettling.  There’s no indication Mr. Romney has cheated anyone or broken any laws while pursuing a very successful career in the financial industry.  It’s odd, then, that he keeps avoiding questions about his wealth and how he achieved it and equally ludicrous that he continues to try to position himself as just “one of the guys” who understands the plight of working (or unemployed) Americans.

I personally think the favorable tax treatment for dividends and capital gains is unfair and tax shelters in the Cayman Islands should be prohibited.  But that’s not the law. I’d have a lot higher regard for Mr. Romney if he would just stand up and say that he made a lot of money by investing money and that he uses the tax code to keep as much of it as he can. He would still have to answer questions about the fairness of tax laws but at least he wouldn’t look so much like a hypocrite.

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