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Gail Collins Nails It Again

The NY Times’ Gail Collins is a terrific columnist: witty and funny.  But she also often calls out key questions that  others tend to gloss over.  In today’s co-blog with David Brooks she asks this question:

I’m being driven crazy by people who are obsessed with limiting the scope of government, but feel perfectly free to demand that government get involved in women’s most personal choices. How can they argue that the states have no right to meddle ineducation, then cheer for the states to pass laws telling a doctor to perform a stupendously invasive procedure like a pelvic ultrasound on an unwilling patient who wants to get a first trimester abortion?

Well, Gail, the GOP doesn’t see any problem there.  They see the federal government as an extension some kind of ultra right Christian theology whose goal is to manage how you act in the bedroom, what kind of medical treatment you get and what god you worship.  Oh, and they want to be sure the super-rich don’t pay too much in taxes.

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