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Romney Math

I’ve been wondering when the Republicons would get around to attacking the arts. With all the attention on sex I guess they’ve been a little distracted lately.  I don’t know why this is coming up now since Mr. Romney has stated his anti-culture position several times in the past.  Anyway, he proposed to cut federal funding for the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities by half, to save…. let’s see, something like $80 million dollars and use that as part of his plan to cut federal spending by $500 billion.  If my calculator is correct the NEH/NEA would contribute 0.06% to Mitt’s proposed savings.  Oh, and at the same time he plans to increase defense spending by 4% which would add over $32 billion in costs.

So by Mr. Romney’s calculations, $32 billion = $80 million. No wonder this guy got out of business to get into politics.

I could respect these kinds of positions if they were honestly presented.  Could not, Mr. Romney just say “I don’t think we should support the arts and humanities with taxpayer dollars. I ‘d rather spend your money bombing infidels half-way around the world and give the rest to my wealthy friends.”  That would be honest. But trying to justify these kinds of cuts as a way to balance the budget is ludicrous.

Interestingly, Mr. Romney doesn’t suggest cutting any of the $4 billion in subsidies we pay each year to the big oil companies.  Taking some of that back would make a real dent in the federal deficit and we could still send our kids to the art museum on Saturday.

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