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Mr. Santorum’s Working “Snobs”

Religious zealot Rick Santorum now thinks that college education isn’t just a waste of time.  According to the crazed presidential hopeful higher ed also creates listless, liberally indoctrinated freeloaders who just hang around campus waiting to vote for Democrats every four years. Except that, golly gee, the facts are quite the contrary.  Those folks with a four-year college degree have half the unemployment rate of their high-school only colleagues and earn about $400 more per week.

I wonder what President Rick thinks of his own parents who both benefited from (or are suffering under) significant doses of higher and professional education. And Mr. Santorum himself holds B.A., and M.B.A and law degrees.  I guess he’s well-acquainted with snobbery.

As Steve and Cokie Roberts note in their column, the Senator’s personal history

…does not make Santorum a snob. It makes him a hypocrite, a pandering hypocrite who is trying to ignite a culture war for his own political advantage.


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