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Monthly Archives: March 2012

The Republican Vision for the American Middle Class

With the Supreme Court poised to take health insurance away from millions of Americans and Paul Ryan‘s budget set to eliminate Medicare and Social Security the Republican dream for America is clear. Once the GOP can get rid of those welfare-paid-for air conditioners, TVs and cars middle class folks will be living the way the ultra Right thinks they should be.


Just Wondering….

if Rush Limbaugh used employer-provided insurance for any of his drug rehab treatments or to buy the prescription drugs he abused. Since he is opposed to others paying  for “personal sexual recreational activities” I’d think he would deny insurance for drug addicts too. And what about that Viagra he smuggled into the U.S.?

The GOP’s Twisted View of “Freedom of Religion”

The Senate narrowly voted down a measure that would have allowed employers to arbitrarily deny health care benefits that they find “morally objectionable.”  The Republicons tried to defend the proposal as a  “freedom of religion” issue ( see the letter reference below).  What! Giving your boss the right to determine what kind of medical care you can get based on HIS religious views is somehow protecting YOUR religious rights.  What kind of weird casuistry is that?


140 Years of Yellowstone National Park

Today marks the 140th anniversary of the legislation creating Yellowstone National Park.  Free market pundits should be reminded that without this law and relentless subsequent efforts, the Yellowstone region would today be a massive treeless plain pock-marked by countless mines and hotels, and crisscrossed by railroads and superhighways.  The railroad barons of the 19th century wanted the Park as a tourist attraction but they also fought mightily to be given rights to do every manner of real estate and mining development (not to mention getting rid of those pesky native Americans and bison).

Yellowstone is just another lesson in the good that can come from a progressive federal government that looks out for the interests of all Americans and doesn’t yield to the greedy interests of big business.