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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Meghan McCain on Rick Santorum

This is just too good.  Here’s Meghan McCain, hard-core Republican calling for old-fashioned GOP moderate Conservatism.  Reasonable enough but way off the radar for today’s extreme Right.

But the best part of her commentary is her (accurate, I believe) characterization of Rick Santorum as “a lunatic, right-wing fringe candidate that is hanging on to his candidacy for no other reason than, once this election cycle is over, he knows no one will ever listen to him again.”


Has Romney Forgotten Where He Went to Grad School?

Mitt Romney stepped in the doo-doo again Thursday.  In Pennsylvania yesterday he tried to criticize President Obama for “spending too much time at Harvard“…, whatever that means.  Mr.  Money Bags seems to have forgotten that he spent four years at Harvard himself (one year more than the President) and three of his sons have degrees from there as well.

Every time Mr. Romney says things like this I wonder: 1) what the heck he’s talking about, what’s the point; and 2) is this the kind of bizarre thinking we want from the guy sitting in the Oval Office?

Big Government Republicans

The GOP hoards can’t complain enough about Big Government and much of their so-called economic plans feature cutting (more likely gutting) government spending.  They demonize government employees (even though they too are government employees).  The reality, as usual, is quite different than the Republican fantasy.

The Atlantic today charts out the growth of the public sector following the 1981, 1990 and 2001 recessions under Presidents Reagan, Bush I and Bush II.  Contrast that with the reduction of some 584,000 government jobs under President Obama.  Oh, and the Wing Nuts fail to mention the 2.8 million new jobs added to the private sector over the last two years.

The Republicans may talk about smaller government but they never seem to manage to do anything to create it.

No More Legalized Insider Trading for Congress?

It’s nice that President Obama signed the so-called “STOCK Act” today thus putting into effect legislation that “prohibits members of Congress from financial market trading based on nonpublic information they have obtained in the course of their congressional work” (quote from CBSNews.com).  Well, we’ll see.  I’d bet  anything that before the one-year anniversary of today’s signing comes around, our representatives in DC will have found ways around the law and will be profiting from privileged information just as they always have.
Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

The True Impact of the Ryan Budget

I came across this chart that clearly shows who takes the hit in the draconian Republican budget proposal.  I look at these kinds of plans and I imagine a Bible story where Jesus tells the pauper to go pay another 10% in taxes to the Emperor and them maybe one of the Apostles will give him a few crumbs of bread.

This is just all so backwards.  In times of economic stress, the GOP proposes to take even more from the poor and working class, give more to the rich and continue to sink billions of dollars a week into weapons.  These guys are forever bowing their heads in prayer and professing Christian values but the only thing they want to spend money on is blowing up non-Christian folks in oil-producing nations, after ensuring they set aside plenty for themselves, of course.

Truth About Corporate Taxes

This should come as no surprise: the Republican corporatists have been greatly exaggerating the effective tax rate paid by U.S. companies.  The Congressional Budget Office reports that U.S. corporations paid on average just 12.1% in income taxes, not even half of the nominal 35% rate they complain about so vociferously and among the lowest rates in the world.  All last week the media bombarded us with stories of the U.S. having the highest corporate tax rate after Japan lowered theirs.  But with all those loopholes and deductions, companies pay a fraction of what you and I pay.  And many companies, like Big Oil, get those ridiculous subsidies for simply running their business, effectively taking money from working class people and channeling it into CEO bonuses.

So let’s review: the federal deficit is in the tank, corporations and the super-rich are paying about 15% or less in income taxes, middle-class folks are paying about 35%.  And the Republican Party thinks it’s somehow fair to cut taxes again for companies and the rich and increase taxes on everybody else, especially the very poor.  If corporations are people as the Supreme Court has declared, then they should pay taxes like people and go to jail when they commit crimes like the banks and mortgage companies did leading to the Great Recession.