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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Romney: Not Just a Slimy Weasel; A National Embarrassment

Mitt Romney just can’t restrain his ego and say the right thing; he just can’t.  Only a few hours after arriving in London he talks like he’s some expert on the London Olympics.  Would we really want this guy in charge of U.S. diplomatic matters?  Mr. Romney seems to think only he can manage anything important in any company or nation.  Everyone else is sadly incompetent.

This follows the Romney camp’s goofy statement about President Obama not appreciating the “special” Anglo-Saxon heritage we supposedly share with Great Britain.  Never mind that there are no such roots, even in the UK.


Dear GOP: Why We Don’t Listen to You Any More

The ridiculous, hyperbolic Republicon responses to the Supreme Court’s affirmation of the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act illustrates why so many Americans have tuned out the Conservative spokespeople.

Rand Paul noted “Just because a couple people on the Supreme Court declare something to be ‘constitutional’ does not make it so. The whole thing remains unconstitutional.”  No, actually, under our Constitution the Supreme Court does get to decide what is or isn’t unconstitutional.  Although, I could take this approach too.  I think the Citizens United decision is unconstitutional.  So there, now I guess it IS unconstitutional.

Michigan Republicon pundit Matt Davis suggested that perhaps it’s time for an armed rebellion.  His rationale is that now the government is forcing us to pay for something we don’t want.  Well, not quite.  About half of America supports the ACA.  Furthermore, government at all levels uses my tax dollars to do things I don’t like. Like blowing up thousands of Arabic-speaking people in places ten thousand miles away.  Like torturing people.  Or putting up too many No Parking signs on my local road.

Then there’s the nonsensical outrage at the “largest tax increase in the history of the world.”  Never mind that the tax/penalty might apply to just 1% of American families starting at the rate of $95 a year.  It’s more like the tiniest tax increase ever and it applies to hardly anybody.  And, it’s only fair that the healthcare freeloaders pay at least something for the benefits they get.  I would expect the Conservative thinkers to support that notion given how much venom they seem to have towards the poor folks in America. In fact, they’ve been saying repeatedly that all those low-income families should pay more taxes (to help Mitt pay for the renovation of his new, fourth home, I guess).

This comment from a reader at the Atlanta Constitution-Journal sums up the “tax” argument nicely:

And yes, it’s a tax. It’s a tax levied ONLY on those who attempt to free ride on the system, knowing that if they’re in a car wreck, etc., they’ll get health care anyway.It is, in other words, a tax only on those who refuse to pay their own way. A tax on the moochers, not on those who act responsibly. It is, you might say, a tax on stupidity, in the hope that by taxing it you get less of it.

It is a mark of the mindless antipathy to all things Obama that conservatives would claim to be appalled by such a tax, and would build their 2012 campaign around an effort to free the moochers from any obligation to contribute to their own care. (Supreme Court Strips Romney of Favorite Argument, comments; acj.com)