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Romney’s Taxes… He Just Doesn’t Get It

Mitt Romney has proudly proclaimed that he paid a whopping 13% in taxes over the past ten years.  He seems to think this is somehow a noble gesture on his part and we should all be glad that he contributed so mightily to the U.S. coffers.  He just doesn’t understand the sense of unfairness we middle class folks feel when we pay 13.2% just for Social Security and Medicare which by the way Mr. Romney did not contribute to at all since his income was all in some type of non-wages category.  While Romney has collected 20  million bucks a year running for president the guy who drives the local garbage truck earning $48,000 a year pays 13% into FICA and 25% in income taxes. Mr. Romney may not have done anything illegal tax-wise but he is painfully clueless and arrogant about how most of Americans live… and pay their fair share in taxes.

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