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Conservative Reflections on the Demise of the GOP

It’s easy to dislike, even despise, the current version of the Republican Party.  Far removed from clear-thinking pragmatists like Eisenhower, Nixon, Reagan and GHW Bush, today’s GOPers look like raving religious extremists happy to take down the nation in defense of largely unpopular social positions and some untenable economic theories.

It’s refreshing to see at least a few folks on the Right beginning to question the future of American Conservatism.  Rod Dreher, Senior Editor of the American Conservative, writes a thought-provoking piece raising these very questions.  He notes:

“The Republican Party is becoming a perversely rigid sect, more concerned with being militantly correct than being pragmatic and successful. With each passing election cycle, their purity will become the purity of the desert.”

One of Dreher’s colleagues at The American Conservative points out other facts that ought to stir some rational thought among the Right:

“Indeed, Republicans need to reflect on the fact that they have now lost four of the last six presidential elections. And if we measure the popular vote only, the GOP has lost five of the last six. This losing trend is not unprecedented–Republicans lost five in a row in the ’30s and ’40s–but it’s surely a flashing warning light for today.

Over the first 13 decades of its history, from 1860 to 1988, the GOP won 21 of 33 presidential elections. …

… Over the last six elections, the GOP has averaged approximately 43.5 percent of the popular vote. So what does that say about Republicans on the national stage?”

Even Bill Kristol admits the Republicans will need to compromise, observing that

“Four presidents in the last century have won more than 51 percent of the vote twice: Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Reagan and Obama…”

Unfortunately, scanning readers’ comments on these pieces it appears that there are still plenty of WingNuts out there ready to fail again in defense of the extreme, railing against the Commies and Homos of the Left and saluting the likes of Rush Limbaugh.

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