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The Republican Constituencies

I’m still catching up on post November 6 reading and came across this piece by Rich Yeselson of Change to Win.  I think he sums up the problem the GOP confronts: a shrinking base consisting of…

the paranoid billionaires, the activist and media crackpots, and the resentful elderly and white men (and, frequently, their spouses).

Writing in a similar vein, Ryan L. Cooper notes that…

The conservative movement of the Obama years has been driven first by the belief that total obstructionism would pay off electorally, and second by a delusional belief that the president (a man who passed Bob Dole’s healthcare plan, a man far to Nixon’s right on many issues) is a Kenyan Muslim Socialist who is attempting to destroy freedom forever.

I have little hope that anything will be accomplished as long as these kinds of extremist ideas guide the Republicon side of Congress.


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