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Flawed Candidate, Flawed Party

Maybe there’s hope for the GOP.  It’s refreshing to begin to hear some level-headed thinking coming from the Right…. finally!  For a long time, it seemed there were no Conservatives capable of speaking without uttering hate speech, racial slurs and outright lies.  Here’s a great piece on John Feehery, a long-time GOP strategist, finally saying that maybe the Republican Party should quite repeating the slime that comes out of the mouths of nut cases like Rush Limbaugh.

“we cannot be cowed by them. When they say things that are culturally insensitive and stupid, we need to go after them.”

Gee, that would be a welcome change for the Republicans–challenging stupidity and ignorance.  I could never understand why so many smart, engaged people gave so much credence to people like Limbaugh and Beck, paranoid guys who couldn’t make it as radio shock-jocks and spent way too many years snorting dope and drowning in booze.

Of course, Mr. Feehery had to get a jab in at Mitt Romney concluding he was a “flawed candidate” but also admitting “we have a flawed party.”

This interview is encouraging in that it come on the heels of a similar commentary by another GOP strategy wonk, Mike Murphy.


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