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Monthly Archives: March 2013

NY Times Identifies “Real Spending Problem”: Tax Deductions

Washington DC has been obsessed with run-away government spending. The GOP has focused particularly on Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security,  and education conveniently ignoring $1.1 trillion per year in tax breaks for the rich.  Today’s Times’ editorial points out a few of these wholly indefensible deductions that benefit exclusively already wealthy Americans at the expense of the lower and middle classes.


More GOP Self-Contradictions

postalworkerThe Republicans continue to hammer the Postal Service to cut costs and save money.  And yet, in today’s budget resolution out of the GOP-controlled House, they insist on continuing Saturday mail delivery.  I guess the $2 billion savings didn’t cascade directly into the wallets of wealthy Republicon lobbyists and thus it’s not really worth doing.

Why don’t the right wingers just come out and say it?  Privatize the mail, kill the postal workers’ unions and defund their pensions. That’s the “solution” the Republicans really want and why they continue to micromanage the Postal Service into financial oblivion.