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GOP Imperils U.S. Judicial System

This isn’t really news; it’s been the way the Republicons have been behaving for years.  By blocking virtually all the President’s nominees to federal court judgeships, the GOP is making a mockery of the nation’s judiciary.  I only hope that when/if there is ever another Republican in the White House, the Democrats return the favor and block all and every nomination.

Of 856 federal district and circuit court seats, 85 are unfilled — a 10 percent vacancy rate and nearly double the rate at this point in the presidency of George W. Bush. More than a third of the vacancies have been declared “judicial emergencies” based on court workloads and the length of time the seats have been empty. By far the most important cause of this unfortunate state of affairs is the determination of Senate Republicans, for reasons of politics, ideology and spite, to confirm as few of President Obama’s judicial choices as possible. [NY Times]

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