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Monthly Archives: June 2013

The GOP Agenda; a Refresher

It’s difficult to keep track of all the things the Republicon Party is against these days.  The Party of No has such an extensive list of things it finds objectionable.  So I’ve made a short list just so I don’t forget.


… abortion rights
… same sex marriage
… universal health care
… clean energy
… unions
… teachers
… public education
… immigration reform
… planning for climate change
… efforts to lower unemployment
… repairing/upgrading America’s infrastructure
… low interest rate student loans
… filling open positions on federal courts
… protecting the environment
… birth control and family planning
… minimum wage
… unemployment benefits
… food programs for poor children

The GOP is FOR:

… tax cuts for the rich
… tax cuts for the rich
… tax cuts for the rich
… no taxes on corporations
… burning more carcinogenic dirty coal
… waging war anywhere in the Mideast
… more guns for everyone
… taxpayer/lobbyist funded junkets for members of Congress
… taxpayer subsidized great health insurance for members of Congress

oh… and Tax cuts for the rich….


Rand Paul… Just Weird

Mostly I can just ignore Rand Paul….  He says so many bizarre things.  But yesterday talking with Glenn Beck no less he stated “What is it that is the leading cause of poverty in our country?’ It’s having kids without marriage.”

Another right-winger just making stuff up.

Suppose this assertion is true.  What does it have to do with the same-sex marriage issue?  In fact, it sounds like a good reason to support same-sex marriage… so kids have married parents….

Oh, and then there was Mr. Paul’s suggestion that same-sex marriage might lead to bestiality.  Well, if it does maybe we’ll get more rational people in Congress.

Another GOP Rape Medical Expert

Geez!  Is there any chance anyone in the Republican Party has any accurate information about rape?  Seemingly not.  Stating that there’s no need for abortion legislation to contain an exception for rape victims, Texas state Rep. Jodie Laubenberg proclaimed:

For rape victims, Laubenberg said, hospitals “have what’s called rape kits, that the woman can get cleaned out, basically like” a procedure often performed following a miscarriage. [DallasNews.com, 6/26/2013].

As the Dallas News article notes, “Not just wrong, but creepy too.”

Another GOP Rape Expert

Maybe it’s a little-known requirement for Republicon politicians… to be certified experts on rape.  Here’s GOP Representative Trent Franks claiming that “the incidence of rape resulting in pregnancy are [sic] very rare.”  No reference to medical experts, no citation from any scientific research.  The sage Mr. Franks just knows these things, it appears.

Gad! These guys are appalling idiots… the very life blood of the Republicon Party.