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Best Health Care in the World? NOT

The anti health care crowd always spouts that the U.S. has the world’s best medical care and no one ever really fails to get the help they need.  Statistics –facts– don’t support that rosy viewpoint.  The U.S. ranks somewhere around 27th in infant mortality rate; worse than twenty years ago and right down there on the list with Slovakia, Chile and Bulgaria. Maternal mortality rate is even worse: we rank 57th in the world. It’s worth noting that in America childbirth costs are more than double those in the next most expensive country (Switzerland).

Oh! And the U.S. is last in life expectancy among the world’s industrialized countries.  LAST!  And we’ve been moving steadily down the list for thirty years.

In spite of this appalling performance, the right wingers insist we need to eliminate family planning and cut prenatal care… so we can  send more drones to blow up folks in countries on the other side of the planet or listen in on everyone’s phone calls.


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