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Monthly Archives: October 2013

More GOP Denial of Reality – Federal Govt. Smallest in 47 Years

Idiotic Republican leaders and pundits continue to rail against Big Government…. in spite of the fact that the number of federal employees is at its lowest point since 1966.  Of course that won’t stop Ryan, Cruz, Boehner, Paul, et al. from more repeated exhortations about the need for smaller government.  That will go on, I suppose, until there’s another Republican in the White House when federal employee roles will balloon like they did under Bush II.


Note to Tea Party

Civics 101, day 1.  In America, you make and change laws by winning elections and gaining a majority in Congress.  So try that instead of extortion, blackmail, lying, bullying, ….

Message to my People in Congress

I just sent email to my three representatives in the Senate and House.

“Don’t give in to the GOP extortionists.  Don’t ‘compromise’ on anything.  The ACA is law.  In America, we don’t change laws by blackmail.  I don’t care if the value of my savings falls to zero and I never collect a Social Security check.  Don’t give in to the Republican right-wing terrorists.”

“What Goes Around Comes Around…”

So said John McCain today in a lame effort to somehow caution Democrats about their behavior in the current government shutdown nonsense.  He would do better, I think, to offer that same warning to his fellow GOP crazies.  The next time the Republicans are in control of the White House, if that ever happens in my lifetime, I hope and expect the Democrats will filibuster, refuse to raise the debt ceiling, and threaten to defund anything the GOP passes.  As the sage Mr. McCain says: “What goes around comes around.” even stupid, irrational. anti-American behavior.