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Monthly Archives: January 2014

“Politics ain’t bean bag”

Those were some of the words of wisdom from Governor Christie today as he “apologized” and “took responsibility” for the closing of lanes on the George Washington Bridge as political payback against a Democratic mayor who didn’t endorse the Governor’s reelection.  But Mr. Christie danced around the facts for two hours.  While “taking responsibility” he insisted multiple times that he knew nothing about the incident, it was an isolated event, and he doesn’t condone such tactics.  Really? There are a handful of such petty retributions going back to 2010.

I used to think maybe Christie was an exception: a Republican who might be a fair, rational, practical politician.  How naive.  Christie is just in with the wrong crowd: the GOP.  Today’s right-wingers can’t help themselves; they can’t resist petty, paranoid, lying, childish political tactics. It’s just the way they think. Imagine Christie in the White House with a staff full of these kinds of nut jobs.  It will be the Nixon era all over again….  I can’t wait.



More Bad News

More Than Half of U.S. Congress are Millionaires

No surprise, I suppose. But maybe it helps explain why these turkeys have no understanding or sympathy for how most of the constituents live and what policies would help them.  What do these people know about being unemployed, having trouble making monthly payments, not having health insurance, etc.?  Nothing, of course. I’d like to see strict term limits and candidates selected by a random drawing.  Maybe pick out ten eligible people from each district, post their biographies, and whoever gets the most votes has to serve.

Bob Gates – Pathetic!

I am sickened after reading snippets of former Defense Secretary Gates’ self-serving book, “Duty.”  After all his apparent dedication to the country, it turns out Mr. Gates is just another war-mongering, right-wing neocon.  It seems his major complaint about Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden is that they didn’t agree with him and thought that getting out of Afghanistan ASAP was a good idea.  Apparently the deaths of over 2,000 American troops and the loss of almost a trillion dollars wasn’t enough for Gates to figure out things weren’t going so well over there.  Gates mentions that the President didn’t trust his generals? No s**t, Shylock.  A string of military leaders kept promising that the Afghans were just about ready to take over military operations at the end of the year… every year for a decade.  A just a few thousand more troops, they said, and a few hundred billion more dollars and everything would be dandy.  It’s a sad commentary on Gates’ career that he claims utter disdain for virtually everyone he worked with but never voiced any of those objections publicly –until he had a fat book deal.

Tea Party Health Care Liars

Here’s a documented case of Tea Party nuts planting phony horror stories about the Affordable Care Act while taking advantage of the cheaper, better health care it provides them.  I don’t get it. Why not just take a good deal when it comes along and shut up.  What kind of twisted, hatred drives people to this?  And then there’s how the right-wing press prints all this crap as if it were the truth.

Here’s the deal.  The Fort Worth Star Telegram wanted a story about people getting screwed by Obamacare.  For no reason; just because they wanted to do some muck-raking.  Never mind doing any actual reporting and finding people who might have actually lost better coverage under the ACA.  They just asked for volunteers. Three folks came forward, told their stories, and the paper printed them.  No checking facts.  It turns our, of course, that all three are Tea Party ultra Obama haters, at least one of whom has gotten a great health insurance policy thanks to the Affordable Care Act.  Now that real facts were uncovered, the paper is going to….. do nothing.

That’s the Tea Party way of doing things: Lie and hope you don’t get caught.

Read the full account in Anatomy of an Obamacare “horror story”.

Republican Reality Denial

The GOP mindset has reached a new high –or is it a low– in ignoring or being ignorant of facts.  Eighty-seven percent of Republican true-believers still think the federal budget deficit is growing.  That, in spite of the FACT that the deficit has been cut in half since 2009, the fastest decline in more than fifty years.


More details at: The National Memo.