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Tea Party Health Care Liars

Here’s a documented case of Tea Party nuts planting phony horror stories about the Affordable Care Act while taking advantage of the cheaper, better health care it provides them.  I don’t get it. Why not just take a good deal when it comes along and shut up.  What kind of twisted, hatred drives people to this?  And then there’s how the right-wing press prints all this crap as if it were the truth.

Here’s the deal.  The Fort Worth Star Telegram wanted a story about people getting screwed by Obamacare.  For no reason; just because they wanted to do some muck-raking.  Never mind doing any actual reporting and finding people who might have actually lost better coverage under the ACA.  They just asked for volunteers. Three folks came forward, told their stories, and the paper printed them.  No checking facts.  It turns our, of course, that all three are Tea Party ultra Obama haters, at least one of whom has gotten a great health insurance policy thanks to the Affordable Care Act.  Now that real facts were uncovered, the paper is going to….. do nothing.

That’s the Tea Party way of doing things: Lie and hope you don’t get caught.

Read the full account in Anatomy of an Obamacare “horror story”.


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