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Bob Gates – Pathetic!

I am sickened after reading snippets of former Defense Secretary Gates’ self-serving book, “Duty.”  After all his apparent dedication to the country, it turns out Mr. Gates is just another war-mongering, right-wing neocon.  It seems his major complaint about Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden is that they didn’t agree with him and thought that getting out of Afghanistan ASAP was a good idea.  Apparently the deaths of over 2,000 American troops and the loss of almost a trillion dollars wasn’t enough for Gates to figure out things weren’t going so well over there.  Gates mentions that the President didn’t trust his generals? No s**t, Shylock.  A string of military leaders kept promising that the Afghans were just about ready to take over military operations at the end of the year… every year for a decade.  A just a few thousand more troops, they said, and a few hundred billion more dollars and everything would be dandy.  It’s a sad commentary on Gates’ career that he claims utter disdain for virtually everyone he worked with but never voiced any of those objections publicly –until he had a fat book deal.


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