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“Politics ain’t bean bag”

Those were some of the words of wisdom from Governor Christie today as he “apologized” and “took responsibility” for the closing of lanes on the George Washington Bridge as political payback against a Democratic mayor who didn’t endorse the Governor’s reelection.  But Mr. Christie danced around the facts for two hours.  While “taking responsibility” he insisted multiple times that he knew nothing about the incident, it was an isolated event, and he doesn’t condone such tactics.  Really? There are a handful of such petty retributions going back to 2010.

I used to think maybe Christie was an exception: a Republican who might be a fair, rational, practical politician.  How naive.  Christie is just in with the wrong crowd: the GOP.  Today’s right-wingers can’t help themselves; they can’t resist petty, paranoid, lying, childish political tactics. It’s just the way they think. Imagine Christie in the White House with a staff full of these kinds of nut jobs.  It will be the Nixon era all over again….  I can’t wait.



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