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More Bad News

More Than Half of U.S. Congress are Millionaires

No surprise, I suppose. But maybe it helps explain why these turkeys have no understanding or sympathy for how most of the constituents live and what policies would help them.  What do these people know about being unemployed, having trouble making monthly payments, not having health insurance, etc.?  Nothing, of course. I’d like to see strict term limits and candidates selected by a random drawing.  Maybe pick out ten eligible people from each district, post their biographies, and whoever gets the most votes has to serve.


Note to Tea Party

Civics 101, day 1.  In America, you make and change laws by winning elections and gaining a majority in Congress.  So try that instead of extortion, blackmail, lying, bullying, ….

Message to my People in Congress

I just sent email to my three representatives in the Senate and House.

“Don’t give in to the GOP extortionists.  Don’t ‘compromise’ on anything.  The ACA is law.  In America, we don’t change laws by blackmail.  I don’t care if the value of my savings falls to zero and I never collect a Social Security check.  Don’t give in to the Republican right-wing terrorists.”

“What Goes Around Comes Around…”

So said John McCain today in a lame effort to somehow caution Democrats about their behavior in the current government shutdown nonsense.  He would do better, I think, to offer that same warning to his fellow GOP crazies.  The next time the Republicans are in control of the White House, if that ever happens in my lifetime, I hope and expect the Democrats will filibuster, refuse to raise the debt ceiling, and threaten to defund anything the GOP passes.  As the sage Mr. McCain says: “What goes around comes around.” even stupid, irrational. anti-American behavior.

Another Example of Republican Scumbaggery

Rethinking America’s Priorities: $8 Trillion for Homeland Security

The recent revelations about the scope of the NSA’s tracking of telecommunications raised the question (again) for me about the nation’s priorities.  I’m all for combating terrorist threats but not at the cost of ignoring all other national needs.  Nick Kristof’s op-ed piece posits the question more elegantly than I could. He notes that American’s are much more likely to die from in-home accidents, bee stings and, of course, gun shots than from a terrorist attack.  And Congress continues to ignore our crumbling infrastructure and massive unemployment and any rational gun control.  But anything couched in terms of  preventing terrorism gets funded, no questions asked; adding up to $8 trillion spent for homeland security since 9/11.  The country needs to rethink its priorities.

Another GOP Rape Expert

Maybe it’s a little-known requirement for Republicon politicians… to be certified experts on rape.  Here’s GOP Representative Trent Franks claiming that “the incidence of rape resulting in pregnancy are [sic] very rare.”  No reference to medical experts, no citation from any scientific research.  The sage Mr. Franks just knows these things, it appears.

Gad! These guys are appalling idiots… the very life blood of the Republicon Party.


The Anti-Constitutional Lindsey Graham

These are the kinds of statements that worry me most about the current crop of ultra right-wingers in Congress.

The last things we want to do is read [the] Boston suspect Miranda Rights

Eh gad!  Here’s a U.S. Senator, lawyer, member of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps, saying we should just ignore the Constitution.  Look, I’d love to see the people responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing strung up immediately: no trial, no publicity, no mercy.  But that’s not what America is about.  That behavior puts us on the same plane as the crazy ideologue cowards who commit such acts. And it’s another example of how the Republican Party thrives on fear and paranoia.  They love the War on Terror because it’s a wonderful excuse to ignore the rule of law and hand out buckets of money to the defense contractors in their local districts.

Slate‘s Emily Bazelon cogently reminds readers that when the law gets bent out of shape for terrorists, “it’s easier to bend out of shape for the  rest of us.”  Just what the Republicons want, I suspect.

More GOP Self-Contradictions

postalworkerThe Republicans continue to hammer the Postal Service to cut costs and save money.  And yet, in today’s budget resolution out of the GOP-controlled House, they insist on continuing Saturday mail delivery.  I guess the $2 billion savings didn’t cascade directly into the wallets of wealthy Republicon lobbyists and thus it’s not really worth doing.

Why don’t the right wingers just come out and say it?  Privatize the mail, kill the postal workers’ unions and defund their pensions. That’s the “solution” the Republicans really want and why they continue to micromanage the Postal Service into financial oblivion.


Sen. Graham and Gun Control

SC Senator Lindsey Graham let it be known today that he owns an AR-15 assault rifle just like the one used to kill 20 kids in Newtown and that he passed the background check to obtain it.  I must say this is not reassuring news.

I guess this shows that background checks don’t do any good.  If nutcase Senator Graham passed and now happily carries an assault rifle we might as well give up on any kind of restrictions on weapons and issue rocket launchers to everyone.  Mr. Graham also called on fellow lawmakers to resist any ban on high-capacity magazines, like the ones used in Newtown, because “there could be a situation where a mother runs out of bullets because of something we do here.” Can’t say I ever once worried about my mom running out of ammo.