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ACA “Jobkilling” Myth

So in the 59 months since the Affordable Care Act was passed, the “job-killing” Obamacare debacle, as the Republicans like to say, the U.S. economy has added some nine million private sector jobs. Of course, the Fox News talking heads are prompt to twist the facts, saying these aren’t “good” jobs, or many are temporary or part-time jobs.  Some of that may be true, but compare the employment growth under Mr. Obama to the 3.6 million jobs lost under Bush. Millions of more American are working now than during the Bush years and millions more also have health insurance. It’s a win-win for America.


Quarantine Christie ….

Help prevent the spread of stupidity.

Tea Party Health Care Liars

Here’s a documented case of Tea Party nuts planting phony horror stories about the Affordable Care Act while taking advantage of the cheaper, better health care it provides them.  I don’t get it. Why not just take a good deal when it comes along and shut up.  What kind of twisted, hatred drives people to this?  And then there’s how the right-wing press prints all this crap as if it were the truth.

Here’s the deal.  The Fort Worth Star Telegram wanted a story about people getting screwed by Obamacare.  For no reason; just because they wanted to do some muck-raking.  Never mind doing any actual reporting and finding people who might have actually lost better coverage under the ACA.  They just asked for volunteers. Three folks came forward, told their stories, and the paper printed them.  No checking facts.  It turns our, of course, that all three are Tea Party ultra Obama haters, at least one of whom has gotten a great health insurance policy thanks to the Affordable Care Act.  Now that real facts were uncovered, the paper is going to….. do nothing.

That’s the Tea Party way of doing things: Lie and hope you don’t get caught.

Read the full account in Anatomy of an Obamacare “horror story”.

Best Health Care in the World? NOT

The anti health care crowd always spouts that the U.S. has the world’s best medical care and no one ever really fails to get the help they need.  Statistics –facts– don’t support that rosy viewpoint.  The U.S. ranks somewhere around 27th in infant mortality rate; worse than twenty years ago and right down there on the list with Slovakia, Chile and Bulgaria. Maternal mortality rate is even worse: we rank 57th in the world. It’s worth noting that in America childbirth costs are more than double those in the next most expensive country (Switzerland).

Oh! And the U.S. is last in life expectancy among the world’s industrialized countries.  LAST!  And we’ve been moving steadily down the list for thirty years.

In spite of this appalling performance, the right wingers insist we need to eliminate family planning and cut prenatal care… so we can  send more drones to blow up folks in countries on the other side of the planet or listen in on everyone’s phone calls.


The GOP Agenda; a Refresher

It’s difficult to keep track of all the things the Republicon Party is against these days.  The Party of No has such an extensive list of things it finds objectionable.  So I’ve made a short list just so I don’t forget.


… abortion rights
… same sex marriage
… universal health care
… clean energy
… unions
… teachers
… public education
… immigration reform
… planning for climate change
… efforts to lower unemployment
… repairing/upgrading America’s infrastructure
… low interest rate student loans
… filling open positions on federal courts
… protecting the environment
… birth control and family planning
… minimum wage
… unemployment benefits
… food programs for poor children

The GOP is FOR:

… tax cuts for the rich
… tax cuts for the rich
… tax cuts for the rich
… no taxes on corporations
… burning more carcinogenic dirty coal
… waging war anywhere in the Mideast
… more guns for everyone
… taxpayer/lobbyist funded junkets for members of Congress
… taxpayer subsidized great health insurance for members of Congress

oh… and Tax cuts for the rich….

Another GOP Rape Medical Expert

Geez!  Is there any chance anyone in the Republican Party has any accurate information about rape?  Seemingly not.  Stating that there’s no need for abortion legislation to contain an exception for rape victims, Texas state Rep. Jodie Laubenberg proclaimed:

For rape victims, Laubenberg said, hospitals “have what’s called rape kits, that the woman can get cleaned out, basically like” a procedure often performed following a miscarriage. [DallasNews.com, 6/26/2013].

As the Dallas News article notes, “Not just wrong, but creepy too.”

Dear GOP: Why We Don’t Listen to You Any More

The ridiculous, hyperbolic Republicon responses to the Supreme Court’s affirmation of the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act illustrates why so many Americans have tuned out the Conservative spokespeople.

Rand Paul noted “Just because a couple people on the Supreme Court declare something to be ‘constitutional’ does not make it so. The whole thing remains unconstitutional.”  No, actually, under our Constitution the Supreme Court does get to decide what is or isn’t unconstitutional.  Although, I could take this approach too.  I think the Citizens United decision is unconstitutional.  So there, now I guess it IS unconstitutional.

Michigan Republicon pundit Matt Davis suggested that perhaps it’s time for an armed rebellion.  His rationale is that now the government is forcing us to pay for something we don’t want.  Well, not quite.  About half of America supports the ACA.  Furthermore, government at all levels uses my tax dollars to do things I don’t like. Like blowing up thousands of Arabic-speaking people in places ten thousand miles away.  Like torturing people.  Or putting up too many No Parking signs on my local road.

Then there’s the nonsensical outrage at the “largest tax increase in the history of the world.”  Never mind that the tax/penalty might apply to just 1% of American families starting at the rate of $95 a year.  It’s more like the tiniest tax increase ever and it applies to hardly anybody.  And, it’s only fair that the healthcare freeloaders pay at least something for the benefits they get.  I would expect the Conservative thinkers to support that notion given how much venom they seem to have towards the poor folks in America. In fact, they’ve been saying repeatedly that all those low-income families should pay more taxes (to help Mitt pay for the renovation of his new, fourth home, I guess).

This comment from a reader at the Atlanta Constitution-Journal sums up the “tax” argument nicely:

And yes, it’s a tax. It’s a tax levied ONLY on those who attempt to free ride on the system, knowing that if they’re in a car wreck, etc., they’ll get health care anyway.It is, in other words, a tax only on those who refuse to pay their own way. A tax on the moochers, not on those who act responsibly. It is, you might say, a tax on stupidity, in the hope that by taxing it you get less of it.

It is a mark of the mindless antipathy to all things Obama that conservatives would claim to be appalled by such a tax, and would build their 2012 campaign around an effort to free the moochers from any obligation to contribute to their own care. (Supreme Court Strips Romney of Favorite Argument, comments; acj.com)

To the GOP: “Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah….”

Gad, even with the most right-wing, hyper conservative Supreme Court in history, the Republicans still can’t win.  The Affordable Care Act IS CONSTITUTIONAL.  So suck it up Wing Nuts.  Game over, you lost.

Of course, this reality will not change anything.  The Republicons will continue as before, wasting Congressional time in useless blather just to win votes from the Tea Partiers and more big bucks from the Koch brothers.  There will be no effort to address unemployment, no plans to reduce Defense spending, no actual alternatives to the current (Constitutional) health care reform law.  Just more Obama hate speech.

The Party of No’s Duplicitous About Faces

America has now had nearly four years of the GOP strategy of opposition to all Obama and Democratic-sponsored legislation.  In many key cases, the opposition is clearly not based on traditional ideological differences but rather “just because.”  Just because it’s more important for the President’s initiatives to fail than it is to do the right thing for the country.  The two most glaring examples are Republican opposition to 1) the Affordable Care Act based on the individual mandate to buy health insurance and 2) the DREAM act.

In both cases, the Republican Party had previously not only supported but initiated and sponsored essentially the same provisions that they now decry as unconstitutional.  The DREAM Act –which would allow children of illegal immigrants to gain permanent residency– was first sponsored by none other than the ultimate Right Winger, Senator Orrin Hatch in 2001 and he voiced support for it as recently as 2010.  The individual mandate as part of health care reform has been proposed by the GOP since 1999.

Just Wondering….

if Rush Limbaugh used employer-provided insurance for any of his drug rehab treatments or to buy the prescription drugs he abused. Since he is opposed to others paying  for “personal sexual recreational activities” I’d think he would deny insurance for drug addicts too. And what about that Viagra he smuggled into the U.S.?