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More GOP Denial of Reality – Federal Govt. Smallest in 47 Years

Idiotic Republican leaders and pundits continue to rail against Big Government…. in spite of the fact that the number of federal employees is at its lowest point since 1966.  Of course that won’t stop Ryan, Cruz, Boehner, Paul, et al. from more repeated exhortations about the need for smaller government.  That will go on, I suppose, until there’s another Republican in the White House when federal employee roles will balloon like they did under Bush II.


Big Government Republicans

The GOP hoards can’t complain enough about Big Government and much of their so-called economic plans feature cutting (more likely gutting) government spending.  They demonize government employees (even though they too are government employees).  The reality, as usual, is quite different than the Republican fantasy.

The Atlantic today charts out the growth of the public sector following the 1981, 1990 and 2001 recessions under Presidents Reagan, Bush I and Bush II.  Contrast that with the reduction of some 584,000 government jobs under President Obama.  Oh, and the Wing Nuts fail to mention the 2.8 million new jobs added to the private sector over the last two years.

The Republicans may talk about smaller government but they never seem to manage to do anything to create it.