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Massive Lies from Michigan GOP

I just can’t fathom how Republican politicians can say things that they know are demonstrably lies.  The Michigan GOP seems to have a special knack for ignoring reality. The Michigan governor’s office just keeps spewing out speeches and press releases touting the state’s near miraculous “comeback.”  Problem is, there is no comeback, not even a nudge in the right direction.

  • The GOP’s war on labor has resulted in an unemployment rate stuck at 9% while the national average is down to 7.3%, in spite of the rebound in the automobile industry.
  • Nearly one in five municipalities or public school districts is in danger of bankruptcy up from around 7% under Dem. Jennifer Granholm.
  • Big corporation supporters of the MI GOP keep talking about the improved fiscal management of the state, especially the newly balanced state budget.  LIE.  Michigan has never had an unbalanced budget; the state constitution forbids deficit spending.
  • The “improved business environment” is costing Michigan tax payers north of $38,000 for each new job created via massive corporate tax breaks.

The TRUTH is that in spite of Republican fabrications, Michigan is stagnating with a declining tax base, thanks to anti working class policies.